Working Papers

  1. Concentration of Influence under Complementarities (previously titled “Hierarchy and Nestedness in Networked Organizations”)
  2. Fairness Perceptions and Punishment Types: An Experimental Study, with Lucas Molleman (MPI Berlin) and Dennie van Dolder (VU Amsterdam)
  3. Norm-based Resentment and the Evolution of Cooperative Norms

Work in Progress

  1. Social Competition and Economic Consequences: Theory and Experiment, with Michael Muthukrishna (LSE) and Robin Schimmelpfennig (LSE)
  2. Lying and Naivety in Multi-player Cheap Talk, with Daniele Nosenzo (Nottingham)
  3. The Market for Lemons and Liars, with Valeria Burdea (Nottingham)